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For teachers

Welcome in the For Teachers section of the Trees Inside Out virtual exhibit.

Teachers, but parents and other educators as well, will found here pedagogical scenarios and links to diverse resources.

Pedagogical scenarios

The objectives of the pedagogical scenarios designed for teachers and students of primary and secondary levels are the development of a sense of ecocitizenship by encouraging critical thinking and action. There are also an excellent method to exploit or continue the visit of the virtual exhibit Trees Inside Out. They cover tree ecology and related environmental problems.

Content organization

The trees in my neighbourhood

Target audience: Secondary Cycle One
Subject area: science and technology
Suggested time of the year : Spring
Length: 5 modules, 8h15 total
In teams, in class group and individually

Multimedia resources
The Trees Inside Out virtual exhibit presents numerous multimedia resources useful in the teaching of science.
We hope these resources may help you in your nature science curriculum or in the support of school work of students.

Educational activities

The Montréal Botanical Garden presents, from September to June, a diversified program of educational activities adapted to different academic levels : preschool, primary 1st, 2nd & 3rd cycles and secondary levels.
Although only in French, the children’s corner of the Montreal Botanical Garden, le J@rdin des jeunes branchés, will interest 6-12 years old. Many activities and games have been developped by the education staff of the Garden.

The Montréal Botanical Garden Tree House is an exhibition, interpretation and information centre, designed to make people aware of the essential roles of trees and forests in our daily lives, both here and around the world. It is also intended to develop the educational potential of the Arboretum's collections with school activities also for the primary and secondary levels.

For teachers

Pedagogical scenarios

Multimedia resources

The Montreal Botanical Garden